EMPATHY (a digital love letter)

Categories: Documentary, Romance
EMPATHY (a digital love letter) is a short essay documentary, a heartbreaking comedy about a break-up, an attempt to concretize emotion and evoke empathy from a writer’s approach. After getting her heart crushed in a relationship, a woman writes a letter to the man she loves for a simple reason—to evoke his empathy towards her. Knowing the premise of human emotions, the woman starts her letter with her own life stories, follows with a blunt confession of affection, and ends with a cursing when she can’t handle the emotions anymore.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2017-11-12
Run time: 8 minute / 0:8
Director: Qiyue Sun
Website: https://www.qiyueisland.com/



Qiyue Sun Director

Qiyue Sun Writer

Qiyue Sun Editor

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